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10 Reasons Your Small Business Shouldn't Start a Blog - Start AEvery business big, medium or small have realized the importance of blogging and have jumped the bandwagon. The advantages that come with blogging are immense, and it could mean a lot to your business. Before getting into the benefits, first, let us define a blog. A blog can be defined as a web page containing frequently updated posts and arrange in chronological order. The advent of easy blogging tools and software in the year 1999 had kick-started the momentum. Since then from a few thousand it has risen to a few million blogs. Learn more about blogs in the coming paragraphs. You can select best WordPress themes for your blog at

Types of Blogs
Blogs can be divided into two categories, personal and business blogs. The former is generally opinion post, research links or personal diary. The latter is a communicating tool between the business and the customers. It is a platform to share the experience and expertise. It is an excellent means to build traffic to the website to target potential customers.

Benefits of Blogging for Small Business
There is no technical expertise needed to blog. The software is simple to use, just write a catchy content and link to resources. Once you are ready to go publish. Your blog is up and ready for the readers. There is blog software like, Typepad and Movable Type that can get you started. Blogging is an inexpensive alternative to promote your online presence. Small businesses do not have the money or time to hire designers or developers. Blogging is the best resource to make you popular on the internet.

Updating and maintaining a web blog is easier when compared to maintaining a website. There is no need for complex coding to update a blog or add a new post. You can do it without the assistance of experts. The blogs give you an opportunity to connect with your target audience without restrictions of topography. Though there are some downsides as a blog fails to provide the functionality of the website. There are some limitations for e-commerce solution and the time taken to get your post up.

Blogging and Social Media
Blogging can be combined with social media for best results. It is the best way to promote your business. Yet small businesses are hesitant to have a blog because of the commitment to update it on a regular basis and time to write fresh content. Some are apprehensive of the technical aspect and stay away from it. A challenging task is to develop a fan following. Coming up with interesting topics could be an ordeal.

Yet there is nothing intimidating about starting a blog. The experience could be overwhelming, yet the benefits are immense. It is definitely a worthwhile effort. Do not involve in marketing your product directly on a blog but make it passive. A good blog can generate regular traffic creating new visitors to your site. It can promote you as an industry expert and help network with like-minded people. The blog can be used to create a personal brand and develop person to person connect.