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No matter whether you have started a new business or have been around one for a long time, the main factor to consider is speed. You should consider the options for WordPress hosting for increased speed. lists down the group of advanced SEO tools which has been introduced in WordPress making it easier to optimize posts.

It is pretty challenging to have a web hosting which is fast as every host is different. Everyone prefers the best service no matter whether they are small or big. If you are looking to make money by selling products then your job is to first listen to your readers on what they expect and then start developing a digital product, which will meet their expectations. The digital products can include anything from eBooks, Apps, plugins and Workshops.

Other than digital products you can also sell physical products on your blog to earn income. Many people think blogs only as a source of income but it can be used as a content marketing tool which will drive visitors to your website.

When you are developing a business blog, you have unlimited possibilities. You can sell customized hand-made products, books, gifts and much more. Some people already run a business and then they start to write blogs to convert the leads to customers.

For instance, If you have a used phone and you are looking to sell the smartphone after refurbishing then you can write a blog post attracting visitors where you have listed your phone for sale. Your blog posts can cover topics which are related to the refurbishing of phone or tips on how to sell a used phone. The above method will be helpful for dual purpose both to sell your phone and to market the brand of the phone gaining recognition.

This concept can be used for various services across different industries. If you are offering mobile repair service instead of physical products then you can use the same concept to boost brand awareness and get more leads converted.

The next option to make more money is to sell memberships for your website. For example, a cooking blog might charge around $5 on a monthly basis to access the recipes on the list. A technology blog can also sell memberships where people can start a discussion on the technology updates to get personalized advice on how they can make the best use of them.

The rule of thumb is that the members should be able to get some exclusive information which is more valuable than what is available online for free. Hence, it is must to write some interesting posts which are worth the price.

Blogging can also be used to improve credibility which will lead to money making opportunities. For example, assume that you are writing a blog about computers. People will start following your blogs and in due course of time, your blog will become popular. This will be a chance for you to become popular in the industry you are targeting.

When you start using blogs you will start to learn what works the best and ideal methods to earn money.