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Google Chrome has always surprised us with the wonderful facilities chrome extensions come with. Every minute feature is made to make our work easier on the browser. Seo extension for chrome is easily available. Using chrome extension got better when, came up with this report which tells you about how people across nations use chrome extensions. Whoever is on the net prefers using Chrome. Undoubtedly, its speed and ease of use make it the most suitable one. Chrome has got many SEO extensions that can actually help a blogger. Important activities like checking page rank and your serve speed can also be done by simple chrome extensions.

Most of these extensions are free to use. Chrome stands out as the most reliable browser in terms of practical use. The extensions offered by it are designed keeping in mind the specific needs of an SEO expert. There are a few selected ones that an SEO practitioner can simply not miss out on. One of them is “Open SEO Stats” that helps you get tons of data. You can use Open SEP stats on whichever webpage you are working on. Different data like social media stats, in-depth SEO data, etc. can be collected. It allows a user to find out the number of backlinks. Once you have the server details and back link data, you will have a robust SEO approach.

As a blogger, do not feel that these extensions involve a lot of technical knowledge or other things. It is as simple as other chrome fun extensions. “SEO for Chrome” is a plug-in that again helps you generate plenty of information. Data is all what an SEO professional needs. Backlink details, indexed pages and other info for different search engines can be found out using this extension. Bloggers interested in calculating the traffic to their website can also use this tool.

A great alternative to Google Toolbar is the “iPage”. It is a chrome extension that allows a blogger to check out page ranks for individual pages or domains. You can manage the settings to show individual ranks in the search results. To define it in the best manner- i-Page is a great tool to check page ranks. Nevertheless, there are other extensions that are bundled with more than just one feature. SEO Quake is an extension from chrome that has been more commonly used for Mozilla. Now you can use it for chrome with the same ease.

For a blogger who performs tons of searches, SEO Quake is of great help. It gives you the quickest possible review of the website you want. An extremely helpful add-on that works fast and gives you the most appropriate data for the website you visit. Social media stats for individual posts on social media can also be found out. Last but not the least Shareaholic is the best extension to work upon special media stats. Social media has an immense role to play in the success of your blog. Shareaholic is not directly an extension but is of great help.