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Like other printer types, you can 3D printer to print an object. The extruder in the printer warms up a plastic filament and gets squeezed out through a small outlet. The extruder group is joined to a carriage that can be correctly traveled in three dimensions in any one of the below directions. The first option is it moves on an X-Y-Z axis available in many consumer printers and the second option is complicated movements like five, six and delta axis.

3D printing pen gains similar popularity like 3D printers. It is low-powered and easily holds in your hand. The main highlight of this pen is it permits you to make free form models with the imagination and a stable hand. explains the different areas where the 3D pen is used effectively nowadays. The site also contains the detailed reviews of the recent 3D pen models.

3D pens are typically available as artistic devices. It provides a separate medium for 3Dsculptors. It is also used for repair and decorative purposes, or you can use it along with 3D printers to combine smaller pieces together into larger designs. For artistic purposes, 3D pens make thin plastic strands precisely similar to those emerge from 3D printers.

The 3D printer is precise and rigid and perfect for prototyping parts, and a 3D pen is creative and fluid. Printers need an entirely designed 3D file to begin any printing job, whereas you can start the drafting with a 3D pen with a small imagination.

There are several 3D pen models available in online. You must choose the best models that offer high-quality results. Some of the top design pens are explained here.

The 3Doodler is the initial 3D pen model launched in the market using the standard technology. The first models of the 3Doodler pen have some flaws, and the recent 3Doodler models have rectified some of the drawbacks of this model. The size of the pen is thin like the whiteboard marker size. It is very easy to control, and the double tap feed button allows constant flow.

The Samto 3D pen is thinner when compared to the first generation 3Doodler model. It has plenty of color options apart from black. It comes in fast as well as slow speed control like the temperature control of 3Doodler. It is quiet and slender and automatically comes into standby mode even after left idle for five minutes.

The Scribbler 3D pen is a stylish and an ergonomic design. The large LED screen shows the speed and temperature settings of the pen. The six-speed settings of this model permit to choose the best match based on your personal ability.

The MYNT3D 3D pen is new model launched in the market recently. The features of this pen improve the user experience. The OLED display of the pen facilitates observing the heat, which can be modified from 130 to 240 Celsius with a small increase. Most users of this pen state that it is thin when compared to other similar pens on the market. It is easily affordable, lightweight and easy to grip and control.