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Whenever you are downloading some videos from the World Wide Web or you get some image or movie files from other external sources, you have an excellent opportunity to come across the popular MKV format or files. Sometimes you might need to convert these files into other formats, the mkv to mp4 guide from Freemake company can come in quite handy in such situations. Readers can also use the website to know more the conversion of this format to other formats such as AVI format.

History- MKV File or Format
Before getting into MKV files, let us learn a bit about its history. Popularly known as Matroska Video Files, shortly referred as MKV file was invented in 2002 in Russia by the expert by name, Lasse Kärkkäinen. The term Matroska was given by him from the Russian word which means nesting dolls. This great project was made as a standard one and is available free for anyone and the format was redesigned with better features in 2010. From that time onwards, it has become a standard format for all types of multimedia formats in the web world.

What is an MKV File?
Readers need to know that MKV files are not like the traditional audio or video compression format. Basically, it is a unique multimedia container format, consisting both AV and subtitles inserted into a single file. It is still a single file even when it uses various types of encoding. For example, you can have an MKV file using vp8 video with Vorbis sort of audio. The real advantage of these MKV files is their ability to stay around for a long time and not become outdated quickly. This is mainly because of the creative design of the software which is considered to be future proof. Also, the container itself supports other audio and video formats which make the whole software very adaptive as well as user-friendly. One needs to know the fact that there are two different options available for playing the MKV files, namely the MKV compatible media player or the codecs that can be easily downloaded.

Usage of VLC media player
The popular VLC media player is considered to be the right option to play MKV files, as the downloading is very straightforward and fast. One has to start by navigating to the official download page since there are many crapware vendors have duplicate VLC download sites. After downloading, one has to run the program to install the VLC. The entire downloading will not take more than two or three minutes. One need not worry about the presence of bloatware coming along with the program, as it is a perfect and clean install when you get it from the legal source. To initiate MKV files with the VLC, the user has to go to the ‘properties’ by a right click. As the next step, one has to look the general page to shift to the default application. After this, you can select the VLC from the list and make the selection.