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Time to get your blog up and running? Here is the simple way to put your blog on the online map. WordPress web hosting is the best solution to customize your hosting requirements. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) and is easy to host. It comes with databases like MySQL V5.0 or higher version along with an installer. Just click on the installer, and the instructions will guide you through the process. Start with WordPress hosting reviews to reach to the right service provider. It all depends on your needs. Check for exciting offers at before you start your search for a web hosting company.

Though there are free WordPress web hosting services available, it again depends on your needs. Free service is suitable for basic blogs, but when it comes to professional blogs and websites, this may not work. Paid hosting is the way to go.

Types of paid hosting services
Shared hosting: Here you share your space with other users. It can be used for personal blogs and regular websites. It is inexpensive and is reliable for limited traffic. When it comes to high traffic, this is not recommended as the server tends to crash. WordPress blogs thrive of shared hosting as it is the most commonly used web hosting service.

VPN: Virtual Private Hosting is where a part of the server is reserved for your website. It comes handy when you have intense traffic. It comes at a higher price when compared to shared hosting.

Dedicated Hosting: In this case, the complete server is at your disposal. It can run multiple blogs and can handle any volume of traffic. It gives you an option to choose your own operating system and hardware. It is ideal for a professional blogger who generates a huge traffic to their blog. Here the server configuration can be customized to meet your needs.

Managed Hosting: In this case, the blog is completed managed using the latest versions of software and plug-ins. The speed and security of the blog are maximized. For beginners, it is suggested to start with shared hosting, but professional bloggers need VPS or dedicated hosting to meet heavy traffic needs. Opting for VPS or dedicated server could prove to be expensive and can be put on hold unless the need arises. While making a comparison ensure that every plan is scrutinized.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage: To start with you may need 5GB of storage but within no time this will be saturated. Therefore it is suggested to opt for unlimited bandwidth and storage.

Domain: Get your own domain name. Each domain name runs one website. Choosing multiple domains to mean you can run multiple blogs or websites.

Database: WordPress supports MySQL database. Select the number of the database based on the quantity of the domain.

Email: A reliable WordPress web hosting services provide unlimited email addresses, meaning you can create separate email addresses for each department in your office.

Support: Check with the support offered by the hosting services. Ensure the support is not handed over to third-party providers. Support should be free and be available 24/7/365.